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Terilee Dawn

It is hard to think of a way to describe myself so that you can get to know me better. I love having a blog because it is a place for me to show my most current work and at the same time post random things about my life. I have a deep passion for life and it is my goal to live it to the fullest. That may sound kind of cliche but it is so true. I love adventures, and people, and photography is an avenue for me to experience both in a fun artist way. Photography is an outpour of what I see and how I view life. It allows me to capture those sweet moments in life in a way that when I look back at the images I can remember how it felt to experience that moment. That is why I love my job, I get to capture pure moments for people that they will always get to take with them. I hope you will stay a while and look through my blog and get inspired.

What to Wear

What to wear to Engagement / Portrait sessions:

  • Be yourself. These pictures are to express who you are as a couple or family. Wear your favorite outfits that you are most comfortable in.

  • You don’t need to match. Just make sure you keep the color scheme in the same tones.

  • Try avoiding solid white shirts. Lets be honest we are not in the early 90’s anymore and we can get a lot more creative then that. If you are going to wear white be sure to throw some color in with it.
  • Consider the patterns that you will be wearing. I love color and designs and patterns aren’t a bad thing just consider how they might look in a bunch of images, or in black and white. Keep the patterns simple.

  • Shoes – I am a Hugh fan of shoes. Bright colorful shoes are always a plus in my books. Or you converse, always a favorite of mine. Shoes are a very important part of your outfit and they will be in some of the images so make sure they go well with your outfits. And if you are going to wear shoes with socks consider how they look together because your socks might show in some images so white socks with black shoes might be best to leave at home.

  • If you bring a few different outfit changes make sure you have a mix of casual and maybe one dressier outfit, if that is your style. Nicer jeans and a shirt are always a great way to go for casual/dressy. Keep in mind the locations that we pick. You will want to wear clothing that suits the location. Please don’t bring your whole wardrobe. Pick two or three of your favorite outfits.

  • Props – I love the kind of sessions when someone brings their bikes, skateboards,  old car, or favorite chair even. They make the pictures more unique to you. I had one couple who was reading a book together so we took pictures of them kissing behind the book and it made the pictures even more personal to them. Don’t be afraid to be creative, just ask me if I think it will work, I am usually up for most things especially if it is different.