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Terilee Dawn

It is hard to think of a way to describe myself so that you can get to know me better. I love having a blog because it is a place for me to show my most current work and at the same time post random things about my life. I have a deep passion for life and it is my goal to live it to the fullest. That may sound kind of cliche but it is so true. I love adventures, and people, and photography is an avenue for me to experience both in a fun artist way. Photography is an outpour of what I see and how I view life. It allows me to capture those sweet moments in life in a way that when I look back at the images I can remember how it felt to experience that moment. That is why I love my job, I get to capture pure moments for people that they will always get to take with them. I hope you will stay a while and look through my blog and get inspired.

Category Archives: Terilee’s Tuesday

Amazing Painting!

Check out this painting that my cousin Janelle did. It is amazing! She took one of the photos I had taken during and engagement shoot and painted it. I love it and think she did and awesome job.   This is the image that inspired her.   And here is the amazing painting!    

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Terilee’s Tuesday – Senior Portraits

With the baby coming I am doing less of weddings and more of portrait session and I am loving it. I have been spending a lot of time focusing on senior portraits and have had so much fun. Since it is that time of year to start thinking about it I thought I would take […]

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Terilee’s Tuesday – 29!

Wow I can’t believe that I am 29 today. I feel like I should stay 25 forever. I bet if I asked someone who is 50 they would say the same thing. I am not one to freak out about my birthday but the closer I get to 30 the more I realize how much […]

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Terilee’s Tuesday

So I know it is the week after Thanksgiving so I should of done this post last week but I decided today worked as well. What a year Ryan and I have had. We feel so blessed in so many ways that at the dinner table at Thanksgiving it was hard to decide on just […]

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Terilee’s Tuesday – 1000 Awesome Things

I have been following this blog called “1000 Awesome Things” and decided that I would share some of them that I like from it. “1000 Awesome Things is just a time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Launched June, 2008 and updated every weekday.” 1. Driving home from a long trip and getting all your radio […]

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Terilee’s Tuesday – Hoarding: Buried Alive

I am not sure if any of you have seen the tv show on TLC “Hoarding: Buried Alive”. If you haven’t you should just to get an idea of what I am talking about. I can’t believe that peoples house can end up like this. A lot of time it is triggered by a lose […]

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Terilee’s Tuesday on Thursday

So I have been major slacker on my Terilee Tuesday. It is a goal to be consistent but since I have been on vacation for 3 1/2 weeks I consider that a good excuse. But today I found some lovely photos to post from the last wedding I shot. I promise I take my job […]

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Last Day of Work

Yesterday was officially my last day at the County Assessors office. WoooooooooooooHOoooooooooooooooo!!!!! I have worked there for the past three years while Ryan was finishing school. It was a great job for the time but I am excited that I am officially going to be doing photography full time, no more working late nights! I […]

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Terilee’s Tuesday – Ryan’s Senior Project

Ryan is officially graduating this Saturday. It seems unreal that it is actually happening, but we are really excited. Last week the school had their big Architectural 5th year show. It was the display of their projects that they had been working on for the whole year. I am very proud of Ryan for working […]

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Terilee’s Tuesday – Pool Mishap

I stumbled across this video the other day. Word to the wise do not get married above a swimming pool. Sorry the quality is really bad.

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